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Plant-based meat alternatives and healthy grains

Satisfy your healthy cravings!

"For me, healthy food can be comfort food and can be quite craveable especially after a series of fatty, carby options, all I want is something clean! It is even more comforting to me that there's no guilty feeling after eating," Rhian explains in an interview.

With this, Healthy Appetite makes sure that healthy doesn't equal to boring. We strive to bring forward healthy alternatives to classic favorite flavors and create healthy comfort food.

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Plant-based meat alternatives

If you're looking to reduce your meat intake, we offer meat alternatives like eggplant, broccoli, mushrooms, and Quorn® based dishes.

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Our menu carries comfort flavors paired with guilt-free grains like adlai, quinoa, and cauliflower rice. 


Healthy food anytime, anywhere

We operate 24/7 to bring you your healthy meals for any part of your day!

Rhian's Healthy Bestsellers

Chicken Salpicao with Cauliflower Rice
Cauliflower Rice With Chicken Salpicao, Garlic And Fresh Parsley 


Thank you for existing somewhere near where I live and please don't ever leave! We order from you every single day we're at home. Thank you and hope your tribe grows even bigger! 

Shai L.

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